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Change Primary Domain Bluehost

Do you want to change the primary domain on your Bluehost Account?

How to do that? Do I have any negative issues to consider changing my primary domain on Bluehost?

Lots of questions? Need answers?

Let’s start!

Precautions to change primary domain Bluehost

Though it’s easy to change the primary domain at Bluehost.

But you should know some major problems during this process That you will face.

  1. During this process, your server may stay down for up to 5 hours.

It’s huge if your site is new.

Because server down means your site will stay unvisitable or very slow.

And it will affect your site ranking.

2. You can’t use your old primary domain as primary domain again, even for ever.

3. Your Cloud flare configurations will be deleted in the process.

You will need to reconfigure your Cloudflare configurations if you want the same configurations back. It’s time-consuming.

4. Your custom DNS configurations, Domain forwarders will be deleted also.You must rebuild them.

5. If you have a Weebly website on the domain, then you must rebuild your Weebly website. Because changing the primary
domain will delete your Weebly website.

You must move your old primary domain’s files to the subfolder of public_html.
Your new primary domain files will go to the public_html folder.

How to change your primary domain on Bluehost?

Please take a full backup of your websites before proceeding your changes.

There are two ways to follow to change your primary domain.

  1. Contact Customer care of Bluehost.
  2. By using your Bluehost Cpanel dashboard

I will show you both ways in this tutorial.

Contact Customer care of Bluehost

The easiest way to change your Bluehost primary domain is to contact Bluehost support. Any time in the day.

You must provide 3 things to the customer care representative.

  1. New primary domain name
  2. old (existing) primary domain name
  3. last 4 characters of your Cpanel dashboard password

No need to do anything more. The customer care representative will do the rest for you.

To connect with a customer representative, you can call at 888-401-4678.

Or You can chat with them. To do so, you can go to this link–

By using your Bluehost Cpanel dashboard

To do so, First login to your Bluehost Cpanel
Go to the ‘Order information’ page. You will see a search box on that page. Write your desired domain name in the input box (Number 1 of the pic).

Like the below Picture.

primary domain on your Bluehost

Select Order from the drop-down box at the right on your screen (See the above image) (Number 2 of the pic) .

Click on the Search Box (Number 3 of the pic). On the next screen, find out ‘Change your domain’ at the bottom.

Changing process of Bluehost primary domain

A Pop Up will appear.

You will see your old domain name at the top of the pop up. Like below pic.

Write your new domain (not old) name on the input box at the bottom of the pop-up.

Bluehost primary domain

Click on ‘Save’ button. And by doing this, we have just completed our mission Which was ‘change primary domain Bluehost’.

A success message will appear within a pop up box.

The success message of "change primary domain Bluehost"