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create subdomain on godaddy

Godaddy Subdomain

What is a subdomain? How to use it? Godaddy Subdomain? What’s that?

How to create a Godaddy Subdomain? Lots of questions.

Need an answer. Right?

I will give the answers in this tutorial. Yes! Let’s start.

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain name that belongs to a main domain.

My Domain name is Right?

Now, If I write It is a subdomain. Because it belongs to the main domain.

In another word, A Sub Domain is an Extra part of the Main domain That is placed right before the Main Domain all the time.

Subdomain example

What does a Sub Domain look like?– It’s a Sub Domain!

Now, look at the following picture.

Subdomain Example

Ok. Is a Sub Domain? What’s your opinion? Is it?

ommm … ! Yes. It’s a Sub Domain.

Does godaddy allow sub domains?

Yes. It allows. You can create a Godaddy subdomain.

It’s easy to create. I will show you shortly.

Godaddy subdomain limit

Godaddy has limitation to creating subdomains.

You can create up to 500 subdomains belong to a Main Domain.

On other hosts, It may be unlimited. But on Godaddy it’s up to 500. You can’t exceed this limit.

Godaddy subdomain price

The price for a Godaddy Subdomain is totally free.

Yes. It’s free. You don’t need a penny even.

You just need to pay for your main domain. Not for any Subdomain. It’s totally free.

How to create subdomain in godaddy

It’s easy to create a Subdomain on Godaddy. To do So, First login to your Godaddy account.

After login, Click on your user name that situated at the top right corner of your browser.

Godaddy account

Now find out your web hosting packages. Find your desired package in which you want to create your subdomain.

Find ‘Manage’ at the right, Click on it.

godaddy subdomain

All domain names will be listed here within your hosting package.

Find ‘cPanel’ at the right top corner, and click on it.

adding subdomain to godaddy

Your cPanel Dashboard will appear. Scroll down and find “subdomains”.

Click on it.

godaddy cpanel page

The Subdomain registration page will appear. Three input fields have there.

Godaddy Subdomain creation page

In the first input box, write your subdomain name.

In my case, it will be “Blog”.

Because I want to name my subdomain as ‘Blog’. You will write your desired name.

How to create a subdomain in GoDaddy

In the second box, select in which domain your subdomain will belong to.

Your all domain name

adding subdomain to godaddy

And the last one. Select or type in which directory your subdomain’s files will remain.

You can select any directory and a new directory name.

godaddy subdomain setup

Click on ‘create’.

And this was the end of the process. After hitting the ‘create button’ we created our desire subdomain.

Our newly created subdomain and its directory name will be listed like the below picture.